Mini ULV Fogger

The electrical portable Mini ULV cold fogger machine is used for disinfection and sterilization purposes. It is a great tool for fighting the Covid-19 virus, the world’s actual agenda.  Besides, it has the property of an insecticide fogger. It is a great machine for fighting contagious diseases, mature bugs such as mosquitos and houseflies.

The Mini ULV model performs spraying with a diameter of 20µm. This extremely small micron diameter ensures superior success in the disinfection application. Therefore, sprayed particles have a higher chance of coming in contact with and eliminating the virus.

Main Features:

Rated Voltaje
Rated Current
Solution Tank
Solution Consumption
Droplet Size
Cord Length

220V AC – 50/60Hz
2000 W
5 Lt
0 – 350 ml./min. (Adjustable flow rate)
20μm – 50μm (Adjustable with flow rate)
Manuel valve
1 ULV spraying nozzles
3 mt
6 Kg
45cm x 12cm x 40cm