Jora 20 Disinfection Cabin

The automatic tunnel type Jora 20 Disinfection Cabin has been designed and developed by our company in a battle against coronavirus (COVID-19), worldwide and countrywide alike. The disinfection unit prevents the spread of viruses from person to person to protect public health.

It is particularly suitable for use in public places, in front of hospitals, at work, in front of entrances, at events, for hotels, trade fairs, swimming pools, ski resorts, etc.

It is easy to use with low operating costs. It is affordable for business owners. It is very economical in time and antiseptic consumption.

Main Features:

  • Auto and manual mode support
  • Multi-language notification screen
  • Voice announcement system
  • 7 seconds operation time
  • LED status illumination
  • Liquid level check
  • Overheat protection
  • Pass counter

Optional Features:

  • Thermal camera
  • Thermometer
  • Hand disinfectant
  • Hygienic floor mat
  • Turnstile passing system
  • Special sound alerts
  • Special design
  • Special dimensions


> Jora 20 Disinfection Tunnel (ENG)
> Jora 20 Dezinfekcijski Prehod (SVN)