Market Trolley Disinfection Tunnel

The automatic Tunnel Type Market Disinfection system has been designed and developed by our company in a battle against coronavirus (COVID-19), worlwide and countrywide alike. The disinfection unit prevents the spread of viruses from person to person to protect public health. The system in the form of a clased cabin dispersing a vapor antiseptic solution is designed for shopping centers and markets.

It is easy to use with low operating costs. It is affordable for buisness owners. It is very economical in time and antiseptic consumption.

It is compatible with all types of trolleys. You can easily disinfect allyour trolleys without separating small or large ones.

Operation of Disinfection Tunnel:

AIn standard production,thte entrance exit sections are covered with transparent plastic curtains in order to concentrate the antiseptic and to penetrate every part of the trolley.

An automatic entrance and exit sliding door can be installed on request. The system starts to operate automatically by driving the trolley into the tunnel and thus starting the disinfection time.

The system disperses the solution for an adjustable time depending on the density of the antiseptic solution and the functionality of the solution used.
The projected process for a trolley is 3-5 seconds.

Depending on the customer preference, individual or nested trolleys can be disinfected.

Components of the System:

Hot dip galvanized in ISO 1461 OR TS 914 standarts is applied on all surfaces exposed to moisture and the unit is electrostatic paint.

All conection equipment of the system including steel construction parts can be manufactured with stainless (inox) chrome steel materials upon request.

The tunnel flooor is covered with anti- slip plastic materials.There are wheelchair ramps in the system for citizens with disabilities.The is one lokable single wing door for the automation and warehouse section. There are lighting and warning labels inside the tunnel.

Optionally, a contactless photocell dispenser can be installed in the tunnel for hand disinfection. Watter spayed into the tunnel and the disinfectant are provided with a jet type pump group that provides at least 70 bar preasure.

The antiseptic solution distribution pipes used in the disinfection tunnel are pressure-resistant PVC. It has a structure and feature that will not be affected by weaterbconditions and chemical solution active substances. The antiseptic solution dispersing nozzles can be easily mounted on automatic compression sleeves in line on the distribution pipes.


All surfaces of trolley are disinfected. Since this application is done by pulverization-steam method, of 5mic.

Antiseptic molecules that break down to the diameter, this provides intense
penetration. The antiseptic solution is dispensed in the form of pulverized stem from special dispersing nozzles lined in the tunnel by means of a pressur ant steam pump.

The dispersing nozzles are placed inside the tunnel at different angles and positions, so as to reach all the trolleys.

Some dispersing nozzles are located on the right interior panel some on the left interior panel and some on the upper section.

Teschnical Specifications:


150 cm
120 cm
80 cm
162 kg
220V 50/60 hz.


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